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How to Keep Wasps from Ruining your Summer Picnic

By Monte Rhodes 

Now that summer is upon us, many will be heading outside for some quality picnicking time. Here is a great way to prevent wasps, ants, and other insects from becoming guests at your picnic.

1.) Take an empty two-liter soda bottle. 

2.) Using a sharp knife, cut off the top of the soda bottle just below where the start of the bottle sides are at even width. 

3.) Fill the bottom of the bottle with bait about 2″ deep (ideas below). 

4.) Insert the top of the bottle upside down into the bottom of the bottle (remove the bottle cap first). 

5.) Set the trap out wherever you’ve seen these pesky buggers. Some good places might be: flower beds, close to a hedge, near the bird bath, etc. 

6.) The wasps will fly into the trap to get at the bait, but have trouble finding their way out. They’ll eventually drown in the liquid bait. 

Bait ideas by insect category: 

Wasps and Ants are looking for either protein or sugar depending on the colony needs at the time.  Set out two different traps with the two categories of bait or mix the two together (e.g. sugary Juice with a piece of meat). Other ideas: Jam dissolved in water, fruit juice, beer, sweet soda, wine, maple syrup diluted with water, molasses diluted with water, or raw meat such as hamburger meat or tuna. 

Bees are generally not attracted to sour mixtures, but are very attracted to sweet mixtures.  For example, honey diluted in water is a great attractant. Other ideas include: Jam dissolved in water, fruit juice, beer, sweet soda, wine, maple syrup diluted with water, and molasses diluted with water.  

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