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Beach Essentials: Family Edition

26 Jul 2015

Are you planning on taking a trip to the beach this weekend? Well, do not forget to pack the following items so you can worry about having fun, not what you forgot to pack!


Waterproof Sunblock.

If you want to save your family from unnecessary stress, bring the sunblock and lather it on liberally. No one likes to be burned. Aim for a sunblock that is at least SPF 30.


Rash Guard.

Rash guards can prevent sunburn as much as prevent jellyfish burns. Plus, they simply look cool!


Sunhat and Sunglasses.

It is not a new idea that it’s important to protect your eyes, as well as you skin from the harmful rays of the sun.   A good sunhat and pair of sunglasses can help protect you.


Beach Towels.

You can never have enough beach towels! Bring extra and place them in your car.


Baby Powder.

Baby powder is a great way to remove sand from one’s body. Sprinkle on baby powder and the sand simply wipes off!


Snacks & Cold Drinks.

You can never have enough snacks after the kids work up an appetite playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean.


All-in-One Chair.

There is so much to carry onto the beach, between your snacks, sunblock, camera, sunglasses, and beach toys. How does a family streamline this to make it easy? A all-in-one beach chair is the perfect solution. (Brylane Home makes a good one: Outdoor Furniture Oversized 5-Pc. Set)

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