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The Mommy Chronicles: Self-Care and Motherhood are not Mutually Exclusive

28 Mar 2018 Marlena Rice

So. Hypothetically speaking, a sweet friend of mine has finally faced the facts: women can grow hair in less-than-stellar places. More specifically, sometime after our 32nd birthdays, it is possible for freakishly long hairs to begin growing on our chins. Yep, moms, it really happens. 

This is my friend’s account (ahem) of the revelations that age brings with it joy – and a greater need for self-care. 

I thought I'd be able to ignore it. Maybe if I just pretended it wasn't there it would go away, you know? I was doing a great job with this. I was blissfully ignoring the slight malfunction on my face … until the night my husband reached over and pulled the hair out. He pulled the hair ON MY CHIN out. And then? He laughed. A lot. 

It was time to take action

With my son in tow, we headed to a local spa, as discreetly as we could on a Friday night. At the counter, I confidently told the clerk that I would like my eyebrows waxed, and after she escorted the two of us to a private room, I waited until she closed the door before I asked her my real question. 

"Ma'am, I'd like my eyebrows done, but can you get this area, too?" I whispered, fingers pointing at my chin area desperately. 

She nodded and inspected my face further.

"Do you want these areas done too?"

My heart dropped down to my toes as she ran her fingers along my top lip and the sides of my mouth. WHAT?! Where?! *sigh*

Once my (unexpectedly thorough) face wax was underway, my four-year-old son had crawled on my lap – where he was carefully inspecting the whole process. He thought it was amazing, loudly (and repeatedly) asking, “Mommy, why is that peanut butter all over your face?" 

I felt myself sinking deeper into my seat. Thanks, kiddo. The whole spa now knows about my facial malfunction. Good luck to you the next time you want some peanut butter. Or a toy. Or anything that may make your eyes light up. Goooooood luck. 

What a stressful situation for my (ahem ahem) friend, but one I’m sure other moms have endured. As working mothers, self-care and maintenance is imperative for our well-being

Here are four ideas for those times you are ready to do a little something to make you feel good:

1. Make a standing appointment with girlfriends at a local spa. Create a self-care regimen for yourself, and enjoy the fellowship with friends. 

2. Give yourself a pedicure while watching your favorite evening television show. 

3. Have lunch by yourself every now and then at a restaurant of your choice. Enjoy your food without baby hands (or daddy hands) in your plate. 

4. Expand your literary horizons, and buy a book to read outside of your normal genre. Pick a comfy chair, ignore the mess around you, and read.

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