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CSP Spotlight: National Nutrition Month – Food Textures are Important

18 Mar 2018 DCL Staff

Textures are very important for introducing foods to your baby. Most babies prefer to start with softer, smoother textures and gradually move toward thicker foods. Firm foods, especially round foods, slippery foods, and sticky foods are choking hazards.

To avoid choking, don't offer the following foods to children under 4 years of age:

·         Popcorn

·         Peanuts

·         Nuts and seeds

·         Whole grapes, cherry tomatoes

·         Whole kernel corn

·         Olives

·         Hot dogs

·         Hard, raw fruits or vegetables such as apples, celery and carrots

·         Chunks of meat or poultry

·         Sticky foods, such as peanut butter, which can get stuck in the back of the mouth

·         Hard candy, gum drops and jelly beans

For toddlers and preschoolers, chop grapes, meat, poultry, hot dogs and raw vegetables and fruits into small pieces (about ½ inch or smaller).

Community Service Programs of West Alabama (CSP), Inc.’s Head Start/Early Head Start, Child Care Partnership, and Early Intervention programs engage families and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Safe and healthy children are ready to learn and explore their world.

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