At Home for Valentine’s Day for Parents

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Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday night this year.

With soccer practices, church groups, homework, working late and just general parental exhaustion, going out for Valentine’s Day this year may not be an option.

Here are some ideas that don’t require a babysitter, much money or much planning…


For the casual couple:


Many pizza places will do a heart shaped pizza (Papa John’s has done them in years past). Order a heart shaped pizza, fire up the Netflix or video games and enjoy.  You can even include the kids.


For the romantic couple with a big bathtub and kids:


After the kids go to sleep, get a few candles and put them in your bathroom (if you don’t have any they are cheap at dollar stores). Add some bubble bath (or shampoo in a pinch) to your bath.  The lavendar epsom salts available at the grocery store smell wonderful.  Go to Spotify and pick out a romantic playlist (put “romance” into the Spotify search and find playlists like 90’s Babymakers and Acoustic Love)..

Turn off the lights. This is both romantic and necessary for most of us if you have children because we don’t look like we did at 19. Candlelight is kind. Both of you get in the tub at the same time. Stay in for at least 3 songs. You probably will get sleepy. But it will be a more romantic sleepy than the usual Wednesday night.


For the couple for whom even lighting a candle and getting in the tub is too much….


  • Make a reservation for next Saturday night (or the next time you can get a babysitter)
  • Tell each other you love each other
  • Hold hands as you go to sleep


Valentine’s is a “Hallmark holiday”, but it is always a good excuse to stop for a minute and fall in love again. It doesn’t have to take a thousand dollars or a bunch of planning or even flowers and chocolates.



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