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Mayor's Minute: Transforming Tuscaloosa County

23 Jun 2015

Dear friends and neighbors, 

In the life of every community, there are seminal moments that define its trajectory. For Tuscaloosa, we are in that moment.   

In April, we announced landmark local revenue redistribution legislation that will provide a stable funding source for local schools and local transportation infrastructure projects without raising taxes. On May 21, Gov. Robert Bentley signed the bill into law.  

Countless discussions, ideas and negotiations have built this landmark legislation that will transform our schools, infrastructure and ultimately our quality of life.   

For our local school systems, the legislation provides a stable funding source to meet future needs and to fund critical academic programs.   

For our highway infrastructure, this sets in place the funding mechanism to complete more than $225 million in highway improvements and expansions in the next five to 10 years across the Tuscaloosa community, including the McWrights Ferry Road and the Martin Luther King Jr./Jack Warner Parkway extensions and improvements to McFarland Boulevard and Highway 69.  

I am extremely proud of the City’s role in this process.  

From the very beginning, the City had an uncompromising commitment to ensure that our children had the resources to compete and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the 21st Century.   

From the very beginning, the City had an uncompromising commitment to ensure that our transportation networks would be modernized and expanded to meet the needs of all in our growing community. 

From the very beginning, I was heartened by our City Council who understood that our responsibilities often extend beyond political and geographical boundaries.   

To reach this historic moment, it took the willingness of so many, especially our elected leadership in Tuscaloosa County. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Judge Hardy McCollum, Mayor Bobby Herndon, Chairman Mark Nelson, Chairmen Lee Garrison, Representative Bill Poole and the entire Tuscaloosa County Legislative Delegation.  

Our elected officials, along with their respective governments and school systems, demonstrated the willingness to chart a new course against often difficult and entrenched head winds of the status quo. It made me proud to be part of this team, and honored to call Tuscaloosa my home. 

For more information on the Transforming Tuscaloosa County legislation, go to Tuscaloosa.com.  


Walter Maddox 

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