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What is the Worst Date Movie Ever?

Hi. My name is Liz, and I’m a movie addict. Some of you already knew that I was a huge music fan – I spend way too much on concert tickets but hey, who doesn’t enjoy a night out at the Tuscaloosa Amp seeing The Avett Brothers once in a while? Well, now you know my other secret: movies. I love them. Even the bad ones.

And that’s kinda what I wanted to talk about right now: Bad movies…for date night.

 DCL has teamed up with Ranker.com and we’re bringing you some of the site’s best lists – the ones you can discuss for hours with friends. And I did with this one: Ranker’s absolute worst movies to watch on date night really does make me cringe. Unfortunately, I’ve got experience with at least one of the BAD date night movies on the list: “The Break-Up.” Saw it on a FIRST date, if you can imagine. And spent the entire ride back home arguing with my date about the specifics (“He’s a pig” vs. “She’s too controlling” in the “Why did they have to break up?” vein of things).

We did have a second date, but it was awkward and creepy and we were both secretly looking for flaws in each other. No third date. Thanks, Jennifer Aniston. I though your movie was billed as a romantic COMEDY. Beware the rom-coms. They’re tricky. Make sure you do your due diligence before you rent the film or see it in a theater.

Anyone else ever find themselves in this dilemma? As you can see from the Ranker list, bad date night films don’t have to actually be in theaters – some of the top choices are decades old, but they certainly qualify…

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Liz Stephens

Liz Stephens is a free spirit who loves to write about almost anything, especially pop culture. Movies and music are her life, and anytime she can combine these things in some way with our Druid City well, that’s just gravy.

Pss...yes, Liz is a pseudonym since she has another job, but she would still love to hear from you.


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