Birmingham-based Trade Partner Exchange Comes to Tuscaloosa

03 Nov 2015

Trade Partner Exchange, a trade/barter organization, is expanding into Tuscaloosa. This expansion is a unique way for local businesses to trade/barter goods and services to increase profit and preserve cash within a managed exchange.

Trade Partner Exchange Executive Director Nathan Park says he’s excited to grow the network in T-Town.

“Trade Partner Exchange has approximately 200 members in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, from medical, legal, auto repair, printing, office supplies, retail stores, restaurants, professional services, vacation and more,” Park said.


Trade Partner Exchange offers business owners the chance to take advantage of a vast trading network that includes members in virtually every industry. Members within the network are able to trade credits for services, and many have found that membership with Trade Partner Exchange has increased business dramatically while lowering operating costs and preserving cash.

“Most people think of barter as a one-on-one (quid pro quo) transaction,” Park said. “Trade Partner Exchange allows a member to sell services/products to a member at regular price, and then take those trade credits and spend them in various increments with any of the other members. Just as you have cash debit card, in our system, you have a trade dollar debit card to spend throughout our network of members.”

According to Park, there are over 3000 businesses in other states within Trade Partner Exchange’s network.

For more information about Trade Partner Exchange, visit the official website at

*Druid City Media is a member of Trade Partner Exchange

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